Why Mobile Vet Care Matters

Receiving comprehensive veterinary care is a challenge for many Colorado pets. The perks of living in a mountainous ranching region are numerous, but also accompanied by a host of challenges that make it difficult for some pets to receive the care they need. Thanks to Mountain Valley Animal Hospital, those within 70 miles of Salida can receive the care their pets need with our mobile vet ambulatory services. Some of the reasons this is significant include:

dreamstime_xxl_12602641Mobile vets reach unwieldy cargo

Taking livestock to a brick-and-mortar animal hospital is rarely worth the effort or risk to the animals, and poses a common problem for many Colorado ranchers. Large animals require special attention, and these needs most commonly need to be met on-site. While this seems obvious for a full-grown bull, this also applies to horses and other common ranch animals. Unfortunately, these animals do not always receive the routine exams they need to live full lives.

Mountain roads

In mountainous areas it is often easier to bring the vet to the animals, not the other way around. Snowy or otherwise treacherous roads pose a problem for many Salida residents, especially in the winter months, yet emergencies don’t seem to wait for better conditions. There are a number of circumstances that have called for our emergency vet services. Mountain Valley Animal Hospital is able to reach remote areas in rough weather, which has been a blessing for many of our patients.

Large animals require special attention

Mobile vet visits allow for even more one-on-one time and thorough examination. This is especially useful for many larger patients; unlike common housepets, which can easily be taken to the vet in reaction to any issue, large animals are often subject to less attention and infrequent veterinary visits. It is due to this that any exam of a large animal needs to be more comprehensive. By attempting to detect and prevent any illnesses or issues during on-site visits, we help to keep large animals safe from all sorts of illness that may have impact them down the line.

Don’t wait for emergencies

Many remote pets, especially large animals, are not visited with regular veterinary care until an emergency occurs. By doing thorough and routine examinations, we can help to keep your furry friend happy and healthy well into the future.

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