Employers: Consider Pet Insurance Benefits

dreamstime_8577931These days, employers search for a number of ways outside of salary hikes to attract and retain the best possible talent. Companies spend a collective fortune on things like office parties, foosball tables, and even in-office kegerators to keep present and future employees happy. One tried-and-true way to do just this is to tie employees to your business with a benefits package they are loathe to leave on the table, and the latest craze in employer benefit coverage is pet insurance.

Pet insurance is an absolute win-win

Nationwide, it is estimated that over two-thirds of all employees are also pet owners. Where we are in Salida, Colorado, we would estimate that percentage to be even higher still. Either way, it is likely that a large number of employees at any organization currently or soon will have pets of their own, making employer-paid pet insurance a great perk.

This sounds well and good for the employees, but many business owners are finding they love pet insurance as well, largely because of the cost. In stark contrast to one of the largest costs they will bear, health insurance for employees and their families, pet insurance is incredibly affordable.

Often times, the employer-paid portion for pet insurance is something around 20 dollars a month, with higher plans costing up to 100 dollars. Compare this to the cost of a single pool table (not including the lost work space it takes up) and it seems like a pretty easy-to-swallow tradeoff.

How it works

When an employee signs up their furry friend for your newly acquired pet insurance offering, they are essentially enrolled in a reimbursement-based veterinarian visit, services, and prescription program. They pay their local veterinarian’s office, submit a claim form, and get reimbursed for a portion (or even the entirety) of their claims.

Salida’s veterinary services

With more Americans than ever claiming their pet as “part of the family,” the demand for (and cost of) veterinarian expenses has skyrocketed. Many businesses have already begun offering this benefit package for their employees to take advantage of, and enjoy the low cost that it requires to create yet another way to keep great employees.

For pet owners in Salida, visit the Mountain Shadow Animal Hospital or take advantage of our emergency and mobile vet services for the surrounding area. We happily offer clearly marked invoices that make quick work of pet insurance claim forms, making Colorado a great place for pet insurance benefits!