Emotional Impact of Veterinary Care

Doctors of all sorts carry emotional burdens for themselves, their patients, and even the family and support group of each patient. The emotional impact of seeing a doctor for something beyond routine care is a life-changing event for patients and families alike; these instances have impacts on whole groups of people, including the doctor, staff, and even the community as a whole. When pets are involved, it seems that those emotions quickly rise to the surface.

Concern, Triumph, & Loss

Visiting the Veterinarian

Whether patients visit our veterinarian held in the arms of a pleading and crying owner or for a simple check up, the potential for a daunting emotional experience is always there. Pets can’t talk, which makes it very hard to know when something is wrong with them, how it is impacting them, and what is the best course of action; things that would be obvious and easy to communicate with a shared language get lost.

Unspeakable Connections

In spite of this language barrier, it seems like everyday people bring in, otherwise healthy looking animals, out of a feeling that something is just off or seems a little wrong. The amount of pet lives that Dr. Ryff has saved based upon a feeling that the pet owner could have easily written off is, by this point, uncountable. These unspeakable, and certainly unspoken, connections transcend what we think we know about how we communicate.

Real Concern

Pets aremembers of the family for most people. This connection makes finding out something is potentially wrong with a pet’s health devastating, especially since the burden of knowing that something is amiss falls exclusively on the owner. Often, we see pets consoling their owners as they attempt to grasp the saddening information that they just can’t seem to process. This very real concern is one of the hardest parts of any vet’s job, as it is often the distraught owners that pull on our heartstrings the most.

Mourning Loss

There is no easy way to lose a pet, even if it is not your own. In the short time that the staff at our Salida veterinarian’s office gets to spend with your pet is enough to form a bond that is difficult to break. The feeling of loss never really gets easier for us to bear and the impact it has on families is equally as devastating. For a veterinarian, the animals in our care are more than just patients or pets, they are an extension of the community we help to support; each loss is felt and experienced in a unique way.

Celebrating Victories

While the saddening moments can be tough to bear, the triumphant ones stand out the most. When we can help a pet make a recovery, head back home, or even just get the chance to say goodbye, those are the moments that we truly remember.

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