Navigating Pet Meds

Getting medication for your pet is somewhat different from what we are used to in humans. While many similarities exist, there are some differences that can, unfortunately, enable pet owners to unknowingly put their pets in danger. We know that’s the last thing you want to do, so we’re here to help with a few ins-and-outs of the pet medication industry.

Pet Pharmaceuticals and Over-the-Counter Medications

Visit Your Veterinarian

We can’t stress this enough, so it is the first thing on the list: Visit your veterinarian before giving your pet any medication, over-the-counter or otherwise; at the very least, be sure to call your vet if at all possible or use a 24-hour service to get general answers if necessary. You should never attempt to play pharmacist for your pet, even if you find what seems to be applicable information online, in a product description, or from a pet medication representative. Just like with your own health, be sure to consult with your pet’s doctor before proceeding with any treatment.

Importance of Prescriptions

Most states require your vet to offer prescriptions to be filled through their office or at a general pharmacy, even online pharmacies. At Mountain Shadows Animal Hospital, we always recommend filling prescriptions with us whenever possible for the following reasons:

  • We’ll know exactly what your pet has, the dosage, and specific product information in the event that something goes wrong. This great reduces your wait time and our process of understanding the complication.
  • Our staff can walk you through the medication’s usage recommendations, dosages, applications, and even potential side effects before you leave.
  • You’ll have it right away, which means faster administration and effect.
  • Most importantly, you’ll know that the medicine is actually the medicine you’re buying. Unfortunately, many online pharmacies fall victim to accidental or intentional modification of pet medication as this industry is still far less regulated than its human counterpart.

If you choose to get your prescriptions elsewhere, we advise letting your veterinarian know and to confirm, to the best of your ability, the dosage and application with the staff before you give it to your pet.

Beware of OTC

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications for pets are often far more intense than what we are used to for people. Again, this is largely because the industry for pet medication is less regulated than human prescriptions and OTCs. As with everything else, be sure to talk to a veterinary professional about the product’s specifics before you buy and administer it to your pet. Be sure to know and review the following with them:

  • Brand name
  • Active ingredients
  • Medication strength and dosage
  • Your pet’s basic information

Contact Us Today

Reach out to Mountain Shadows anytime you have a question about your Salida pet’s medications or treatments, even if we did not ultimately provide them. We’re happy to help your pet be the healthiest they can be.

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