Pet Christmas Gift Tips

If you’re anything like us, the pets are part of the family. For years, we’ve gotten the kick out of giving the family dog a bone loosely wrapped in paper and enjoyed a good laugh as he tears into it. There are, however, some tips for gift giving that our veterinarian has to keep in mind regarding gift giving for your pet this season.

Opening Presents With Pets

Plan Ahead

The best tip we can offer for your gift giving is to know your pet and to plan ahead. If your pet has a lot of energy, you may want to consider taking them on a nice long walk or tiring them out with some play well before its time to share gifts with the family. If your family crowds around the tree to tear into gifts, it can be quite overwhelming for your pet; but that is made easier by having your pet a little tired out and mellow by the time the festivities begin.

Manage Food

If you’re going to spoil your pets with bones and treats, be sure to adjust their food accordingly. Just like people, pets can easily overeat and get a belly ache; avoid a trip to the veterinarian by feeding a little less to account for the treats they’ll soon enjoy. In addition, you may want to give them only a reasonable amount of new toys and treats, otherwise you risk losing track of how they’re adapting to and using their gifts.

Stick to Tried-and-True

Christmas presents shouldn’t be an excuse to try out that new brand or type of treat you’ve had your eye on; instead, stick to the staples that you know your pet can handle and has experienced before. This serves a couple of purposes; first, your pet will be excited to receive their gift, which is the idea, plus you won’t have to spend nearly as much effort and energy worrying about how they’re taking to the new thing.

The Greatest Gift

If you’re looking for the greatest gift of all, just remember that your pet is likely their happiest when they are with you. Be sure to spend time with your pet during the Christmas festivities and be sure to keep an eye on how they’re adapting to all of the commotion. A little one-on-one time with their owner can be just what a pet needs to have the best Christmas of all.

Call the Vet

While we hope you don’t need to give our veterinarian an unexpected call this holiday season, it is a good idea to get your pet a routine checkup around Christmas time. Ensuring your pet is healthy and ready for the holiday season is the best way to guarantee their inclusion in the fun. Visit Mountain Shadows in Salida for your pet’s health today!

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