The Importance of Pet Oral Health

Maintaining your pet’s pearly whites isn’t likely high on your priority list, but maybe it should be. Just like us, pets need regular oral health care to maintain their chompers and prevent other health-related issues.

How to Help Your Pet’s Teeth

If you’re scratching your head at the thought of saddling Mr. Bojangles up to the bathroom sink for a fluoride-toothpaste brushing everyday, worry not – we aren’t asking you to do that. In fact, your pet’s saliva is (in almost all cases) much more effective than ours is at removing much of the damaging elements that can harm their teeth. However, you aren’t off the hook entirely; here is how to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.


Yeah, we just said you won’t have to take poor Mr. Bojangles to the sink everyday and lather him up with toothpaste, so what gives? Well, for starters, you won’t need the toothpaste or the sink, just a slightly damp brush and maybe a couple of treats; a plain old toothbrush is all you’ll need because the only goal you’re trying to achieve is getting off the daily buildup of plaque off of their chompers. Most common house pets, like cats and dogs, take to brushing really well, especially if you correlate the time to a calm, nonchalant chore that may result in a treat if they comply. As with children, it is best to start young and brush their teeth daily to make the habit seem non-invasive and get them used to the idea. Plus, brushing daily, as in humans, is the best way to fight against and prevent oral health problems in your pet.

Avoid Magic Products

Any product that sounds too good to be true, like a dog bone that brushes their teeth for you, likely is. Often, these too good to be true claims are just that, and will have little effect one way or the other as to whether or not your pet’s teeth and gums remain healthy; in fact, most pets suffer first from periodontal disease in the gums, not just from the yellowed or weakened teeth many products claim to treat. While many of these products mean well or do offer a slight benefit, nothing is a total replacement for brushing. If, however, your pet really doesn’t take to brushing at all, then you should talk with your veterinarian about suitable products that offer enough of a benefit to see them through until they can get a professional dental cleaning at your local animal hospital or vet’s office.

Visit Our Animal Hospital

Whether you’re hoping to do a better job at maintaining your pet’s oral health care or concerned that they may have an issue that is causing them pain or discomfort when eating, you should consider now a great time to pay our Salida animal hospital a visit; since February is dental awareness month, we are dedicating extra time and energy into oral health care for local pets all month long!

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