Take Advantage of Our Spaying Special

At Mountain Shadows Animal Hospital in Salida, we are always proud to have the opportunity to protect our pet population through spaying and neutering services. It is thanks to pet owners like yourself that we are excited to offer a special on all spaying services throughout March of 2017.

Win-Win Benefits

Often, pet owners fail to realize how mutually beneficial spaying your pets can be. Today, we’ll discuss why spaying your pet is good for her, great for you, and even better for the future of pets in the United States.

Benefits to Your Pet

If you’re thinking that spaying is something that we veterinarians and the hosts of Wheel of Fortune drone on endlessly for our own benefit, then you’re sorely mistaken. In fact, most house pets have been shown to live longer, healthier lives if they undergo spaying at an appropriate young age. In many cases, certain cancers and commonly tragic pet killing conditions are completely avoided or become far less likely to ever take root in an animal that has been spayed. Additionally, your furry friend will have less desire to roam, which means they won’t be nearly as likely to encounter traffic and other worldly dangers.

Benefits to You

If the health benefits to your pet aren’t quite enough of a benefit to convince you that spaying is an appropriate path for your little gal, then consider the numerous benefits you’ll enjoy instead. First and foremost, you won’t have to deal with heat cycles, widely considered one of the most annoying pet ownership downsides. Beyond that, your pet will be much less likely to attempt to roam and will not become pregnant if they do come into contact with a male; while kittens or puppies may sound good, you should know that birth presents a tremendous health risk to your friend, leaves you with a litter to deal with, and can even result in some nasty personality changes in your animal that can spoil your relationship with them.

Benefits to All

Above all, the major reason why vets and game show hosts care about spaying and neutering so much is because the pet population is a fragile thing. Unwanted animals overcrowd shelters, roam the streets, and become a danger to themselves and others. In fact, many countries face an epidemic of stray cats and dogs alone that make roaming the streets unsafe and incredibly saddening. By allowing our veterinarian to spay your pet, you can help to prevent another litter of animals that can keep perfectly good pets in shelters or end up there themselves.

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Throughout March of this year, we are running a special on spaying for you to take advantage of. Even if you do not make the special, please bring your animal in to be seen by our veterinarian; if price is ever an issue, we will do what we can to work with you for the good of your pet and all pets in this country. Visit us in Salida or reach out to learn about our ambulatory and mobile vet services.

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