Pets Need Routine Care, Too!

Okay, so you manage to balance scheduling appointments for the entire family to make it two dentist appointments, one for the primary care physician, and every follow-up and as-needed appointment that lies in between. So trust us, we get it when you don’t want to add a routine vet visit for the family pet or pets – but they need it just as much.

Why Pets Need Regular Vet Visits

If you’re raising an eyebrow at the thought of taking your pet to the vet for anything above and beyond their need for symptom-based treatment, then perhaps we can help to shed some light on the “whys” behind regular vet visits.

Prevention Always Beats Reaction

First and foremost, if the vet is able to detect any latent or developing health concerns before they become full-blown problems for your pet, then you’re likely to save a good deal of time, money, and stress in the worrying that follows a health scare with your family pet. While we always hope that there is nothing to find, it never hurts to thoroughly examine your animal whenever they have face-time with the vet. At Mountain Shadow Animal Hospital, we thoroughly screen your pet for a number of common symptoms each time they come to see our veterinarian.

Vaccinations & Ongoing Treatments

Another reason to regularly see the vet is to ensure that your pet is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and ongoing treatments, which are often specific the breed or your pet’s particular case. By getting in front of the veterinarian, you can ensure that they’re protected from illnesses and diseases, as well as from pests like fleas, heartworms, and more. These simple preventive measures can do far more than simply diagnose your pet with an illness, but actually completely circumvent the risk that they’ll ever catch one of these preventable conditions. Just like we mentioned above, catching any of these after-the-fact is often much more worrisome and expensive.

How Often is “Regular?”

This is where things can get a little specific;generally, we often recommend numerous visits in the younger stages (i.e., the first year or so for dogs and cats), then once per year visits through adulthood, and finally at least two visits per year in the older years. There are, however, a number of differentiating factors that could see you visiting the veterinarian more often than the above, especially in light of a developing or established health condition. Speak with your veterinarian about how often is necessary for your particular pet’s needs.

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Our unique animal hospital gives Salida residents options for seeing the veterinarian; not only can people visit our office directly in Salida, but we actually offer ambulatory and mobile vet services to the surrounding area. Whether you need to get regular care for a seemingly healthy dog or cat or require a vet that can see to your large animal needs, we can help. Learn more about our specialized services by reaching out to our helpful staff.

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