Mobile Vet Services

In addition to our animal hospital, which offers routine and emergency care to Salida’s large and small animals alike, we also proudly offer mobile veterinary services to the surrounding area. With the large number of ranches and homesteads in the rural mountainous area surrounding Salida, we understand that not every patient is able to be safely brought into our animal hospital; whenever necessary, we come to you to keep your animals, large and small, safe and comfortable in their own home.

Our Ambulatory Veterinarian

Community-Based Care

In the Salida area, many of our patients simply cannot come to us. If a horse tears an ACL, it is next to impossible to load him into a trailer to bring him into our animal hospital, no matter how far out you are. Likewise, if you live on a rural mountain homestead and can’t traverse the roads during the winter time, it can be a hopeless, helpless feeling. We get it, the unique challenges that health care (for people and pets alike) poses for Salida and the surrounding area can make bad situations worse. Dr. Ryff has a reputation for coming to you, even in the middle of the night, to save your pet. We consider that to be the community-based care that the kind-hearted animal lovers of this area deserve, and we’re proud to provide it.

Emergency Care & Surgery

Many ranch or home visits that rely upon our mobile vet services are in emergency situations, which is perfectly alright. For us, your pet’s well-being is always our number one concern, and we’ll happily do whatever is in our power to help them as soon as possible. If your pet is ever having an emergency and you do not believe that you can get them to our clinic during regular business hours, please give us a call at (719) 221-1768 to discuss the next steps of your pet’s treatment. Dr. Ryff can also perform many surgeries as part of our mobile vet services, including emergency c-sections and many large animal and equine care.


Large & Small Animals

Not all ranch and homestead calls are for large animals; often times it is the smaller animals in a fragile state that give pet owners the biggest scares. Whether you need an equine veterinarian or a middle-of-the-night minor surgery for your bed’s foot warmer, Dr. Ryff is available to help. Our mobile vet services are applicable for the following small and large animals:

  • Common pets after hours – Many calls we get are for dogs, cats, and other common pets that need emergency care after our clinic’s hours.
  • Equine veterinarian needs – Horses are special, majestic animals; they are also lousy patients. Dr. Ryff is a skilled equine veterinarian, and can help with a number of issues.
  • Large animal vet – Most of the other large animals we help are some form of livestock, which can be done in emergency or scheduled care.
  • Routine care – If you have 200 large animals, odds are you won’t want to truck them one-at-a-time to our Salida clinic; we’ll come to you, request information today.
  • Shy animals – Rarely, we encounter animals that are too shy or aggressive to safely visit our animal hospital; in these instances, mobile vet care is a great option.

Questions? Contact Mountain Shadows Today!

For any questions, concerns, or emergency care issues you may have, be sure to contact our friendly staff; we’re available day or night to help you and your pet, even if you can’t make it to our Salida animal hospital. Get in touch with us today for more information about anything our Salida mobile vet may be able to help your large or small animals with.